Ginger Cinnamon Protein Bars!

Protein bars are a part of my every day diet, so making sure I have an option that is high in protein, moderate in carbs and LOW in sugar is crucial to keeping my eating plan on track — and these home made treats are rewarding and satisfying, without being a ‘glorified candy bar’ like store bought protein bars┬áBelieving that credit should always be given where it is due, this recipe was inspired by Jamie Eason’s protein bar recipes, which I highly recommend. She has some wonderful flavors!

Ginger-Cinnamon Protein Bars

  • 1 cup oat flour (Blended oats)
  • 2 scoops vanilla whey protein
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 4 egg whites
  • 6 oz baby food applesauce
  • 4 oz water
  • ~2 tbsp each of cinnamon and ginger (to taste, I like lots)
  • Optional: crushed walnuts or almonds
    Optional: 1/2 cup of preferred no sugar sweetener
Note: I often make a double batch of these; as a serving size is two ‘muffins’, they go very quickly in my house.
These can be baked in a cake tin, but I prefer to do mine in a muffin/cupcake pan. I find they cook more evenly this way, and are perfectly portion sized!
  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F
  • Mix wet and dry ingredients separately, mix thoroughly
  • Combine ingredients, add optional nuts if desired.
  • If using a muffin tin, line with cupcake holders or a very thin coating of olive oil to prevent stick.
  • Place thoroughly mixed ingredients in the cake pan or muffin tin
  • Let bake for 20 minutes, then perform a quick check to ensure they are cooking through. Cook for another 5-10 minutes as needed.
  • Let cool before removing from pan or cutting.
  • Enjoy!

**Stick these in the fridge! They CAN, and WILL go bad otherwise. Remember, there are no preservatives!

  • Alyse McKee

    I must be like a failure at whey protein cooking. Every time I try the cool little recipes they are HORRIBLE. I can never get them right.

    • Bry Jensen

      It could be the type of protein you’re using! I’ve found that it HAS to be vanilla or unflavored because the flavorings of others (Especially chocolate) do NOT bake well at all. They don’t rise and they turn bitter, more often than not.

      Also, it seems to be a common theme that people botch their first batch of baked protein bars. Its almost a rule of thumb that you can do the same thing twice in a row, and for some reason the first batch will suck. Who knows!? Took me a while, I totally ruined a batch of Lemon protein bars (Still don’t know how, and Jordan still ate them) on my first go.

  • Sonia

    I remember eating ginger snaps with my mother and hating the way they tasted. Now, I love em and I will have to make this dessert very soon. Thanks for sharing this Bry!

    • Bry Jensen

      You’re welcome Sonia! I have missed your comments, thank you for coming over!
      I hope you enjoy!

      • Sonia

        I know I missed reading your blog. I need to come back. Thanks for the welcome back. Check your email.

        • Bry Jensen

          Will do!!!

  • Ron_kiker

    This is just to freakin’ awesome!! Thnx!

    • Bry Jensen

      You’re welcome! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!!

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