Creating a Better Fit!

Today I am getting involved with a movement asking “How would you change the fitness industry?”

Happy with my natural body!

This topic is near and dear to my heart, not only for what fitness has done for me and my life, but for what I have been able to share with others to encourage them towards their happiest, healthiest selves. Fitness is what I eat, sleep and breathe, this is what keeps me going, what makes me happy, healthy and strong. It is my passion, and I strive every day to live and act as a positive example and role model of what I believe.

Therefore, my answer to this question comes without a second thought: less artificiality. 

Fake boobs, fake nails, fake tans, and fake bodies from steroids are NOT what health and fitness is about, yet it is impossible to open a fitness magazine or website without seeing at least one, if not all of the above, on the front pages. In my heartfelt opinion, these are not things that we should be promoting as ideals – instead, we need to be stressing the natural: natural health, natural results, and natural beauty.

This is an issue I struggle with every day, and it bothers me constantly, especially as a fitness professional who refuses to go under the knife or get fake for success. To me, fitness and the fitness industry should be about promoting health, confidence, and loving yourself for who you are – and who you can become through hard work and consistency. These values are what drew me in and changed my life, and they should be the paramount priority.

If your body came from a scalpel, or a pill or an injection… it doesn’t mean as much to me. The real heroes of fitness are those who gained their bodies from eating right, and working out consistently with intensity. These are the values I want to glorify – these are the values that I continue to encourage, and embody. Should we truly be promoting the idea that the only way to a perfect body is through drugs and surgery? I hate the notion.

So, my proposal for creating a better fit is to see more natural models being displayed to demonstrate the benefits of hard work and dedication. I would like to see a stronger condemnation for the use of illicit substances, and a discouragement of plastic surgery for the sake of aesthetics.

Let’s be happy with who we are, and what we can achieve through our own means!!

  • Alyse McKee


    • Bry Jensen

      I think more people agree than really voice an opinion on it, hopefully spreading positive, natural fitness will change that!

  • Mindi Friedland

    Love this article, Bry! You’re a huge inspiration and I wish you continued success in your fitness modeling/writing career – and whatever other endeavors you go after!

    • Bry Jensen

      Thank you Mindi! I appreciate your feedback and your support! To be an inspiration is my ever-existing dream, and to hear that means the world to me. I wish you success in return, and hope you will continue to check in!

  • Kabal

    So your saying you dont use any suppliments? (I mean like energy pills, NO, or protien shakes). I too believe you can get what you need with out the short-cuts. Just in some cases it takes alot more work and alot more devotion to eating right and staying active. I am one of those people. I use to try everything. Always looking for the easy route. Dont get me wrong, I worked hard. But I did it with the help of any pill I could and never saw a drastic change until I started monitoring my diet and looking for a specific work out routine for the areas I needed the most help in. It is also essential to train your body and spirit as well. If you have a negative mind, cant picture the results you want, or have the discipline to watch what you eat you need to train yourself to be able to do that. As for the spirit, you’ve got to have the will not to quit. Learn to get in touch with your spiritual side. Practice meditation and good breathing habits. Stay in touch with your God (who or whatever it may be) and continue to do the right things for others. We have enough muscle bound anger steriod induced people out there. We don’t need anymore. Stay natuarly fit in all areas. Much love and light

    • Bry Jensen

      That is not what I’m saying, but its mostly true. I do not take energy pills or NO. I do take protein supplements but I do not see anything artificial about that since its actual protein.
      You’re right, the only way to see positive results is to eat right and workout hard. No magic pill is going to do it for you. And positive energy is key to everything!

  • Anonymous

    Love this Bry, like i said on FB, its health and fitness… and health comes first because without it we can not be fit. Getting there with pill, surgery and other drugs is simply cheating and un-healthy! The energy you have in this picture is awesome! One of those pictures which would brighten up any day with the smile and energy you have there :)

    • Bry Jensen

      Thanks Rhys, you’re so right!!
      Glad you like the pic, it was one of my faves from that day!

  • MrsFatass

    LOVE your point about less artificiality! I am SO much more inspired by the real people who fight real insecurities to come into my gym and get on a treadmill than I am by the airbrushed or juices muscleheads in some of the fitness mags. Amen.

    • Bry Jensen

      Absolutely! Real people, working out for REAL, not to mention the real personality to boot – people who are sincerely and genuinely passionate about health and fitness, who you know will help you when you need, and encourage you every step of the way! I’m so lucky to be a part of my local fitness community where together at the gym we celebrate all successes, from my 85 year old workout buddies new weight record, to my magazine cover, to the woman whos lost 20 lbs since the start of the year, to the guy who worked out consistently for a month and has a new perspective on life. This is where inspiration is born!

    • Bry Jensen

      Also thank you for stopping by and leaving feedback!

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