Things Bry Can’t Do

People lately have often been asking me, “Is there anything you can’t do?” which always amuses me greatly, for there are SO many things!
So I thought I would make a quick, silly post about the things that I can’t do.

Note: This list is obviously just for fun – I’m not getting down on myself, its just for a laugh. Who knows, some of these things may be ‘to dos’ for the future!

  • Draw, Paint, or Photoshop. [Proof]
  • Salsa and Tango
  • Drive on the Freeway (Merging! D:)
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Do the Splits
  • Fix a car
  • Change a flat tire
  • Catch a wave while surfing
  • Quirk an eyebrow without scrunching up my face
  • Tolerate drunk people
  • Play sports
  • Cut my own hair
  • Live without spicy food
  • Juggle
  • Get through a photoshoot without one ridiculous face
  • Cook complicated meals
  • Deal with spiders
  • Speak another language ¬†fluently
  • Drink coffee
  • Eat Olive Oil
  • Brave cold weather
  • Sleep.
  • Sel

    No one is perfect at everything, and nobody is perfect. That being said, you are still one of the most talented, dedicated, hard working, and over all amazing people I’ve ever had the blessing to meet and know, and I love you for all you can do, can’t do, and in between.

    • Bry Jensen

      Aww thats so sweet!

  • Alyse McKee

    Well OBVIOUSLY this is a list of things Alyse will make you do when you visit her. :P We will have cars 10l (changing a tire), cars 102 (checking your oil and coolants), Photoshop isn’t that hard 101 and 102, and how to catch a ball with a mitt and do a lay up with a basketball. :P

    • Bry Jensen

      I actually CAN do a layup! Or could… its been a while But I definitely can’t catch a ball with a mitt, especially when there is a camera in front of my face. Makes for hilarious photos!

      • Alyse McKee

        I will sabotage my tire and make you change it for me on the side of the road. ;)

        • Bry Jensen

          Thats horrid!

  • Toby Johnson

    That polar bear picture is epic.

    • Bry Jensen

      Hahaah yeah… long story…

  • katlupe

    Love this post, Bry! A lot of those things I can’t do either. Now post one of all the things you can do!

    • Bry Jensen

      Haha I was thinking about it! Started one that was “Things I have Done.”

  • Merg49

    Why do you want to eat olive oil?

    • Bry Jensen

      Olive oil is a very healthy fat and can be used in many ways for a clean eating diet – I unfortunately can’t have any because I’ve developed a very strong intolerance for it that causes a lot of pain :(

  • Dmarsh


    • Bry Jensen

      That makes two of us!

  • Gabriella Sohl

    Aww, but changing a flat tire is so easy and intuitive :D wholly agree on spiders, but at least I can nowadays get close enough to swat them.

    • Bry Jensen

      Haha, I go for the vaccuum cleaner and suck it up from a distance!

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