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I live a life of passion, optimism and the endless embrace of fire. 

My name is Bry Jensen, I am a 25 year old published fitness model and writer from Vancouver BC, and I am dedicated to the fit lifestyle with my heart and soul.

I grew up with an interest in activity. As a child, I was involved with swimming, dance, gymnastics, figure skating and martial arts, just to name a few. However, throughout my life, I have dealt with a limiting lung problem – I have diminished lung capacity as a result of scar tissue caused by a whooping cough lung tear in my childhood, and has made cardio extremely difficult. As a result, my teen years were increasingly sedentary, to the point where at 19, a good flight of stairs left me winded and woozy. I have also dealt with extreme insomnia from a very young age, and with no physical activity in my life, it was draining.

It was then that I decided I needed to make a change if I were to continue with a high-energy life. So I began my fitness pursuit in July of 2009, and in a very short time, I had not only changed my health, my strength and my body, but I had developed a life long passion for what I was doing. After that, the sky was the limit!

PEP_8351-Edit-XL (2)My goals are simple: I want to be the living embodiment of my passions; I want to achieve maximum fitness and elite health. I want to be stronger so that I can lift jaw-dropping numbers and smile while doing it. Most of all, I want to inspire. I want to set a standard that motivates others to achieve their personal bests, and push themselves beyond. I want to contribute to positive healthy body images, and cheer on everyone!
I believe the only way to approach fitness is with a positive, open attitude. Everyone starts somewhere, and it really doesn’t matter where. It is about the journey, and the goals. You can get to where you want to be, from anywhere, as long as you are willing to put in the effort and the dedication. And it is my personal belief that it is our responsibility as a community to facilitate and help others to their goals when it is possible to do so. (Have a goal? Comment or contact me and I’ll do what I can to help you achieve it!)

  • Kabal

    You seem like a good person bry……..stay that way…and dont change. Stay humble and never forget where you came from. God bless.

    • Bry Jensen

      Thanks Kabal – I don’t plan on changing. I know who I am :)

  • Ryan Johnson

    Nice Page Bry You Are Great

    • Bry Jensen

      Thank you Ryan!

  • Dave Crowley

    Hi Bry, Your in great shape, but this you know, You have strong square shoulders and a strong mid section, your frame is perfect for White water Kayaking, a very good cardio sport! second only to swimming, I’ve been kayaking for 14 years. When I was 26 i achieved my peek at 115kg’s with >3% body fat, I was squatting 95kg! I’m 20 years past that and decided to start again, as Muscle Has Memory! Fit and and very strong by 50 is my target!
    seeing more and more young fit and strong people around, like you, I am inspired!

    • Bry Jensen

      Hi Dave,
      Thank you so very much for your kind words – I am always so flattered to be considered an inspiration or motivation, it means such a great deal to me!
      I can’t say that I’ve ever been white water kayaking; I’m much more of the surfing type, but it would definitely be an experience :)

  • Jody H

    Hi Bry, you truly are an inspiration! I was a pretty active kid but I let myself become sedentary (especially when I got married!) and every time I would start a new workout program I would injure myself (I have mild scoliosis and misalligned hips). I have finally learned how important it is to pay attention to my body and have correct form when I work out. I am 30 now (almost 31) and I want to be in the best shape of my life. I want to be strong, healthy and finally have that beach body i’ve always dreamed of. I’m doing a combo of Zumba (I LOVE IT!!) and P90x to achieve my goals. Not to mention eating clean. I have terribly weak stomach muscles, I have NEVER done a full sit up in my life. Any tips for getting my midsection in shape without having to do crunches? Are there better exercises. (btw i am ALL for Ab Ripper X!)

    Thanks Bry for your inspiration.

    • Bry Jensen

      Jody, thank you so much! It means the world to me to hear that!
      I am so proud of you for sticking with your goals and desires, and for learning how to properly take care of your body in the process. It is so important!
      There are many ways to work your abs without doing situps! There are standing crunches, hanging leg raises, any variation of plank exercises (just to name a few), not to mention one of the most important ab exercises which you can read in my blog post here:

      • Jody H

        hehe I was just reading your blog about Abs! My plan is 2 fold. First phase is mostly cardio…which usually I hate, but I just discovered how amazing Zumba is! I realise I need to lose the weight first before I will see the stomach muscles. Engaging my core is something I really need to work on! I will try to remember to do that. Zumba for me has the potential for injury (any kind of load bearing exercise tends to put my lower back out) so I realise that engaging my core is very important. Zumba and Kenpo will likely be my cardio workouts because, well I enjoy them and they kick butt.
        Second phase will be to Bring It with P90x as well as cardio so I can see those muscles. I’m just so tired of making excuses and being lazy. I am really motivated to make this happen…..I don’t want to be soft and weak, i want to be strong, lean and healthy and make changes that I can maintain for life. :o) yay for health!

  • lupillo

    hi Bry…congratulations for your dedication… God Bless You…

  • Rob

    You are gorgeous and a true inspiration. I look at your pictures and posts and I personally hit the gym harder. Keep up the great work. You look insanely gorgeous!

    • Robert Henderson

      This is Robert Henderson fyi ;)

  • Mart Ramirez

    Wow. You go girl. Keep up the good work!

    • admin

      Thank you!

  • Hung Kieu

    Wow! I remember seeing you in my German class in grade 11. You sure have changed (in a good way) and i’m glad you have found something you enjoy and that it’s helping you live a healthier life style. Props to you!

    • Bry Jensen

      Oh my gosh, Hi Hung! I remember you – what a small world, hey?
      I’m still very much the same person as I was then, but so much healthier, which is great! Nice to hear from you – how did you find me?

      • Hung Kieu

        I found you through one of my friends fan page (Nathan Werner) and yeah it indeed is a small world :P.

        • Bry Jensen

          Haha, small world isn’t it!?

  • JCD

    Reading this hit me somewhere deep. I have been an athlete my entire life. Went through a series of pretty intense sports injuries (ACL tear, broken ankle, broken hand, tailbone injury, numerous sprains, tendonitis) My injuries have left arthritis which I am reminded of daily. All I want is to be an athlete again. I want to discover what my body can do all over again. I want to run, jump, play and compete. My frustration is, every time I start I tend to get injured again. Then I need to wait until the area is healed to get back at it. It is an emotional struggle as well as a physical one. Part of me just wants to give up completely, but I find so much joy in exercise and competition. I guess I am just wondering how have you dealt with setbacks?

  • yogesh

    god bless you….

  • Mauricio Fleury

    Infatuate. Derived from the Latin word infatuatus. Fatuus. Fool. There’s nothing foolish in this sentiment described in these words. To be able to help other to inspire is a noble goal. Congratulations and success on your journey.

    You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.
    Marcus Aurelius

  • TeeJay

    Awesome bio. Your words are powerful and inspiring. Thanks for being you. I would love to ask you something in private. I am a mom of 3 and I could use some advice. My email is I would appreciate that.

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