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Women Beyond Pink

This article was written for ActivewearUSA

When you think pink, you think ‘female’. For ages, the color pink has been associated with femininity, and all things girly; from newborn babies, to women’s causes, to the bulk majority of our cosmetic products, pink is predominantly a girl’s color.

But is that all that defines us? Can women only be represented by the color pink? Don’t get me wrong, pink is fine, it can bring a little sass to an outfit and it’s a great option for women who love it.  But, despite the overwhelming abundance of the feminine hue, there are some women who don’t like pink – and I happen to be one of them. It has never been a color I was fond of, nor was it flattering on me — not to mention I am a redhead!

Yet, when I walk into any sports store to pick out a new sports bra or a cute pair of workout pants; I am left almost inevitably with only two options: black and pink. Needless to say, I own a lot of black sports bras. So I am often left wondering; how come our options are not as versatile as we are? How is it that the modern woman is left limited in how they express themselves and what makes them feel good in the gym? Where is our power of creativity? For those ladies who adore pink, more power to you, and I urge you to rock it confidently, but I’d like for a moment to speak for the girls who prefer an array of colors: we should not just get to choose between pink and black if green makes us feel hotter, and orange gives us more confidence! If you look hot in yellow and stunning in red, then why not have the option to take that to the gym?

It was only when I began to shop online for active wear at sites like ActivewearUSA was my monochromatic frustration lifted – here, I find that one can find the best variety of the best brands, while pushing the boundaries by offering a vast array of colors and patterns. Truly, these exciting brands are breaking the molds, and ensuring that any woman with any taste or any color preference can find what makes them look and feel fabulous, strong, and sexy  — even if that happens to be pink! So I offer cheers to ActivewearUSA for pushing the boundaries of what defines ‘feminine’ workout wear, and defining women beyond pink!


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