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Journey to the Western Canadians: Motivations

This post covers my prep from 12-6 weeks out.

When I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in December, I had a minimum of 9 months off before I could continue with my Masters program, and I knew without doubt that this was likely the only true ‘time off’ to occur in my life for a very long time. With this in mind, I made the decision to compete.

To be honest, I did not expect to enjoy competing, but I still had several motivations for choosing to compete this year. First, there are areas of my physique that are weak (shoulders and glutes), and I wanted an intensive goal to help me drastically change those attributes into greater strengths for my overall aesthetic. Second, I wanted to experience competing at least once in my life, to be able to give insight and opinions as it is an oft-discussed fitness topic. However, most importantly, I wanted to do something that would help kick down the doors to my fitness modeling career. Building my online presence has been tremendously helpful, however, what better way to have major fitness companies, magazines and photographers take notice of you than to compete? I wanted to put myself out there, at the next level.

Having no experiential knowledge on how to prepare for a competition, I decided to hire trainers who would guide me through a full and proper 12-week body overhaul. And with regard to my trainers, I have put myself into the best hands available. Working with Dean and Leigh Brandt of BodybyBrandt has been an exceptionally enjoyable experience, as well as a learning and growing process. Not only are Dean and Leigh incredibly knowledgeable and creative with their training, they each bring their personal and unique passion to the table which when combined, is an unstoppable force. Whats more, I feel I have made wonderful connections that will last beyond the competition and continue to be a mutual pleasure throughout my fitness career.

There has also been a lot of questions as to why I chose bikini, so I want to address that here as well. I chose bikini over figure because aesthetically, the bikini bodies appeal to me more, and realistically, I feel the shape and build of a bikini class suits my personal frame best. Beyond that there are no hidden motivations behind this choice, I just felt it was the class in which I fit best.

In short, the grueling and unenjoyable process that I was expecting never materialized, and I have been pleasantly surprised. I am enjoying the process and the challenge, I am seeing very real and dramatic results in my body and my capabilities (particularly with cardio), and I am looking forward to the improvements yet to come in the next six weeks.

So far, the biggest (and truly only) downfall of this process is the sheer fact that competing is expensive! Training, supplementation, custom suits, shoes, registration and membership fees, tanning, makeup, hair AND travel expenses… it adds up in a fairly daunting sort of way. As someone who does not often spend a lot of money on themselves and does not have much expendable income to begin with, this has been a challenge for me. This is the largest obstacle I foresee when asked, “will you compete again?”

Ultimately I hope that if the next 6 weeks go well, I end up with a sponsor, or at least some very serious interest. I already feel that bigger names are starting to take notice and bigger things are coming my way, so I can only continue to work hard, and hope for the best outcome. Should things go as I hope, then competing again will very likely be in my future, and perhaps you’ll be looking at the next Canadian IFBB Pro!

More posts detailing my competing experiences to come!

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