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What makes ROCKET SCIENCE Unique?

In today’s supplement world, pre-workouts reign supreme. Everyone is looking for the best product for increased energy and strength to gain the most out of their dedicated time in the gym. But with so many choices, so many ingredients and so many doses, it can feel near impossible to find the perfect compound for their goals and their stimulant threshold, without the negative side effects of a post-workout crash! How can you find what best works for you?

Magnum already established itself as a brand that is concerned with providing the best for all pre-workout desires when they produced OPUS, a stimulant free pre-workout designed for the stimulant-sensitive, the endurance oriented or the late night workout crowd. Now, with their newest pre-workout launch, Magnum once again brings massive innovation to the pre-workout market with ROCKET SCIENCE – a preworkout designed to provide explosive energy, intensity, and focus! What makes Rocket Science different?

First, the ingredients set ROCKET SCIENCE apart. Every Magnum Nutraceuticals product is made with only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and ROCKET SCIENCE is no exception. ROCKET SCIENCE is comprised of two major component blends, referred to as JavaShock and BrainStim Serum, which when combined, allow for unreal bursts of energy, and crystal clear mental focus. Javashock contains both Caffeine anhydrous and Dicaffeine malate, designed to stimulate the central nervous system for an increase in mental alertness, body coordination and a reduction in physical fatigue, while calming the digestive system and ensuring energy replenishment for no post-product crash. Additionally, the Brainstim Serum is a potent formula including Beta-Phenylethymine, amino acids, dendrobium and several psychostimluants for elevated mood, mental focus, concentration and increased blood circulation. These ingredients allow for enhanced mental clarity while training, without fatigue or lapses in endurance. PREPARE FOR LIFTOFF!

Aside from the quality of the ingredients, ROCKET SCIENCE is also unique in that it is an encapsulated pre-workout, allowing for a much more personal approach to dosage. Because the product is not overloaded with stimulants or filler, each capsule is efficiently tailored in dosage, and can be taken in the amount required for any individual with any stimulant threshold. Additionally, because ROCKET SCIENCE does not rely on one single stimulant source, users will experience an all-over increase of mental awareness, positive mood, and energy, no matter what their previous stimulant experience!

And yet, ROCKET SCIENCE continues to break the stereotypical barriers of traditional pre-workouts, by being useful for more than just the gym! Although ROCKET SCIENCE will increase exercise performance, endurance and energy by 13%, 65% and 67% respectively, this is not the extent of its gifts. ROCKET SCIENCE will also increase mental focus and memory retention by 22%, as demonstrated in a double blind placebo study on humans at the Windgate School of Pharmacy. For this reason, ROCKET SCIENCE has proven to be effective in aiding individuals for study or academic research, or anything that requires concentration up to and including video gaming. Considering this, ROCKET SCIENCE’s utility cannot be overstated, as it can benefit users in various aspects of their lives, not just in the weight room.

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