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Bry Jensen Island Connoisseur Bio! #60days


My name is Bry, and travel is in my blood.

From a very early age, my parents instilled a sense of wanderlust in me. They taught me the value of travel, not only for the experiences that would become treasured memories, but for the exposure to other cultures, differing world views, lifestyles and perspectives that would shape who I am. As a result, my passion for travel is unparalleled and has guided many major decisions, such as the life-defining backpacking trip across Europe I took as a fresh high school graduate, not one week after graduation. This was a goal I had set with many friends in our first high school year, but I was the only one to follow through and actually go – and at 17, this trip absolutely shaped my values, my views on the world, my independence, and my unquenchable desire to see every place I can see on this earth…

I have been lucky to visit over 20 countries in my life thus far, and therefore have a wealth of experience in traveling, foreign cultures, personal safety, and the value of interacting with locals. I feel very comfortable being away from home, and immersing myself in a world I have never known. I am a very responsible adult with good moral character; I do not drink or do drugs, and never have in my entire life!

lngwknd 515I am a fitness model and personal trainer, so I am in very good physical condition and love to be active. I am up for any type of excursion or physical activity, and I will try anything! I love to surf, I love to climb, I love to swim, and I certainly love to dance, but it can be an amusing sight. I am also very passionate about history and culture; I have a bachelor’s degree in history, and consider a location’s past to be fundamental to its character. Understanding local history enriches any traveler’s journey, and allows them to truly appreciate the wonder and magnitude of their surroundings, anywhere. For this reason, I am a dedicated and diligent traveling historian, always sure to uncover the most fascinating aspects of any place I visit, and to share them. Due to my academic background, I have become an experienced reviewer and writer. I have been a contributing author to a successful book called Real Talk Real Women, had articles published in several fitness magazines, and have had many of my academic papers nominated for awards and scholarships. I also currently review books on a new popular book-blog.

I am very familiar with social media. I currently have over 9,000 fans on my Facebook fan page, near 1000 on Twitter, I have managed brand presence for a social media company, I am active on nearly every social media platform, and am always willing to expand to new ones. Additionally, I have experience with presenting myself publicly, both over social media and to large crowds.

Though by now it may not need to be said, I am an intensely passionate person, and I love to share my enthusiasm with the world. I am very sociable and love meeting new people, and every new place I am able to visit in my lifetime is a blessing. To say this opportunity would be a dream come true would be a grievous understatement, and not do justice to the immense excitement this project inspires in me. If I were chosen to be the Island Connoisseur, I would represent with my heart and soul!

I hope you’ll vote for me!

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